Get Involved

After hearing our story, many people follow up with “how can I help?” We decided to answer this question by providing a list of things to do for immediate action:

1.    “Like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to help promote our pages and get the word out

2.    Watch our original documentary and pass it along to family and friends to help tell our story

3.    Visit our online store and buy an Ubuntu bracelet to promote unity while looking great at the same time

4.    Make a donation. Many people think that their contribution is so small that it doesn’t make a difference, however it DOES. We, The Senase Project, try to take on projects in the most cost effective way possible in order to make every dollar count.

 5.    Book a presentation. Want one of our members to come speak to a group about our story, what we do, and how a group of college students successfully created a non-profit organization? Visit our contact page and let us know! Our Members span across the entire country so we will try to send the one closest to you!

6.     Host an event. Fundraising is one of the keys to our success and now more than ever we need your help raising funds for the Akatim Village School. Have a get together and show the documentary, hold a bake sale, or even start collecting cans and bottles! Anything helps!

7.     Interested in a more long-term position as a member of the Organization? See our volunteer page to view the open positions we currently have.

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