Senase Medical Clinic

Project Goal

To provide a basic medical service for the rural community surrounding Senase and provide medical assistance that would otherwise be unavailable. Services will be limited to immediate or emergency care, and mainly cover outpatient services, Malaria treatment, and prenatal care. The project was initially funded by Parliament, and has already begun construction. The clinic will be developed under the supervision of the Berekum District of Ghana Health Services.

Project Impact

Currently, when the people of Senase and surrounding areas need medical care they travel to the district capital of Berekum, Ghana.  This journey is an hour long drive at the least if the weather is favorable and that in itself is dependent on if there is a car available.  By bringing medical supplies to the area, the community as a whole will have the care they deserve.


There are so many people in rural Ghana, especially in the Brong Ahafo Region in which Senase is located who do not have access to medical facilities. Our partnership with the municipal government will provide a clinic that services local families.


With your help, we’ve been able to provide crucial supplies and medical equipment, allowing the professionals to administer proper and effective treatment for emergency needs, prenatal and delivery care, and more.


Our partners at The Ghana Ministry of Health have played a vital role in not only construction and recruiting highly-trained medical staff, but also in the daily operations and functions of the clinic. The progress and success of this project and our organization as a whole would not be possible without them.

Deaths in children under 5 caused by Malaria

People in rural Ghana without access to sanitation facilities

Maternal deaths in Ghana that occur in Brong Ahafo region

Deaths caused by Malaria in Ghana

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Specialized equipment

Specialized Equipment
One of our next steps in the Senase Medical Clinic project is to seek donations from U.S. medical facilities and private donors to provide large-scale, advanced medical equipment. This is crucial for providing the village with proper preventative and diagnostic care, and ranges from x-ray machines to vaccine refrigeration units.

Ghana Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health
As a critical Sector of the economy, the Ministry of Health seeks to improve the health status of all people living in Ghana. Working in partnership with agencies and stakeholders, the Ministry seeks to improve quality of life by “creating wealth through health” through proactive development across the country. Our parliament representative is the Municipal Chief Executive of the Berekum District in the Brong Ahafo Region.

Project costs

Project Costs
Sterilization Equipment: $800.00
Emergency Suture Set: $220.84
Delivery Room Supplies:  $3,000.00
Diagnostic Equipment: $4,000.00
Vaccine Refrigerator and Battery: $400.00
Other Medical Supplies: $6,000.00
Total:  $14,719.84
As of May 2014

Itemized supply list

Itemized supply list
To better understand the full range of supply needs for the Senase Medical Clinic, please feel free to download our full Itemized Supply List. Thank you.


Our next stage of this project will open doors for medical students from the U.S. to volunteer abroad in Ghana. This means that we can foster relationships among communities across the world, and help share the story of the village from which our name originated almost 5 years ago.

Malaria in Ghana

Malaria in Ghana
Malaria is prevalent in all regions and health clinics in Ghana. According to the WHO, malaria accounts for 37.5% of all outpatient visits, and 36% of health centre admissions. This makes the need for a clinic like ours both immediate and vital to the Senase community.

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