Senase Medical Clinic

Project Goal

To provide a basic medical service for the rural community surrounding Senase and provide medical assistance that would otherwise be unavailable.  The clinic will be developed from shipping containers which will make the project sustainable.  We will begin building the clinic in the spring of 2014.

Project Impact

Currently, when the people of Senase and surrounding areas need medical care they travel to the district capital of Berekum, Ghana.  This journey is an hour long drive at the least if the weather is favorable and that in itself is dependant on if there is a car available.  By bringing medical supplies to the area, the community as a whole will have the care they deserve.

Project Cost: 

Supplies, bandages, syringes and disposable goods for one month: $500

Water tank providing safe drinking for patients: $1,200 

Vaccine refridgerator:  $2,500

Diagnostic lab equipment: $4,000

Supports patient medical record collection for a full year: $7,000

Buys a 20kw diesel generator to ensure the clinic is always open: $10,000

Total:  $25,200

(Projections based on Containers to Clinic’s Project Costs) 

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