2018: Year in Review

By January 10, 2019Blog & News

As we look back on what filled 2018 with success, there is much that we are thankful for and proud of. It was a year of progress, growth, and generosity, resulting in record-breaking numbers both here in the states as well as in Ghana.

Here’s one Utah church’s giving story that has made an impact on the other side of the world:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Reuniting with family and friends, reflecting on the year’s triumphs and trials, hits and misses, successes and not-so-much-successes, the holidays are a time we can all be thankful for what we have. With these thoughts in mind, a local church in Utah recently reached out to TSP, asking how their children might be able to serve the community of Akatim. Shortly thereafter, the Children’s Christmas Giving Project was born. With the holiday season in full swing, they offered up one of their most valuable resources; their time. On a Saturday afternoon when they could have been watching tv or playing outside with friends, these incredible children spend nearly two hours creating classroom resources to send to the Akatim Village School. From recycling and collecting plastic bottle caps to creating flashcards and personal whiteboards, their efforts will help to improve hands-on learning in Ghana and allow the teachers in Akatim to implement new strategies towards achieving success. These children may be 7,000 miles away and live a life much different than one in Ghana, but they are aware of the connection we share through humanity and of the role that they (and we!) can play in improving the lives of others. For that, we are eternally grateful.

With 2019 just ahead, we are busy moving forward and for TSP, that means teacher accommodations. Because of Akatim’s rural setting, the teachers must travel long distances to get to school, riding motorbikes down dirt roads while battling the weather. Often times, they arrive late to class and spend upwards of 50% of their weekly salary on fuel, leading to a lack of motivation and an endless cycle of teacher transfers. By constructing these accommodations, we hope to ensure safe and prompt arrival of faculty at the school, while simultaneously keeping money in their pockets. This will allow them to better support their families, restoring a sense of autonomy and self-confidence, and motivating them to remain in Akatim, rather than seeking a transfer to a different school. It is through this consistency in faculty that we will achieve success in the village.

We invite you to join us in kicking off 2019 with a bang by donating $20.19 to this project. As Henry Brooks Adams once said, “Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.” I truly believe that you affect eternity as well; you never know where your influence stops.

Thank you for being part of our world-changing community.

Brittany Chelette

Director of Family and Education Programs

Brittany is a 4th grade teacher that resides in Centerville, UT with her 2 young children and husband, Craig. She received her undergraduate degree from LSU in Baton Rouge and is currently pursuing her Ed.D in Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Brittany has been volunteering with The Senase Project since 2013, starting as the Sponsor a Student Program Coordinator.

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