Akatim Village School Update – 2015

By August 24, 2015Blog & News

In May of 2015, six of our volunteers had the opportunity to visit Ghana and the Akatim Village School. We are proud to report that everything is moving along as planned. The new headmaster, JB Pingle, has turned the environment of the school around and it only continues to get better. Attendance is at an all time high and the numbers continue to grow. After introducing our Sponsor a Student Program (which now includes THIRTEEN students), we saw an unprecedented five new students admitted to the school mid-year and an increase in consistent attendance. This brings the total number of students at the school up to 116 students.

Feedback from our Educators

One of the most important meetings we have annually when we return to Akatim is with the teachers to get their feedback as far as what is working and what isn’t. During this meeting we discovered several smaller things (soccer equipment, computer, recess toys, etc.) that we can provide to help the learning experience, but also larger things such as a new Junior High School block. Currently Class 6 and JHS 1-3 have been placed in the older wooden structure that the primary school once sat in. During a vote, the teachers all agreed that they would much rather have a new JHS building than accommodations for themselves. As a result, we then took this request to the Municipal Chief Executive Officer of the Berekum District of Ghana, Mr. Opoku Boakye-Yiadom, and as a result, we are ecstatic to announce that there are now plans in place for the construction of four new classrooms starting in 2016. Although this will be a Government funded project, we will be asking for any donations to help this process continue as we collect and purchase items for the classrooms.

“…We are ecstatic to announce that there are now plans in place for the construction of four new classrooms starting in 2016.”

– Chris, Co-Founder & CEO

Our big PTA meeting

The most meaningful part of this experience was the PTA meeting in which all levels of administration were present (Ghana Education Services, Headmaster, teachers, TSP members) in addition to a packed room of parents. For the first time in four years all parties were cohesive under one goal; providing the best education that we can for the children of Akatim. Our organization looks forward to the bright and exciting future that lies ahead of us as we continue to work with the Akatim Village Primary School.

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