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Akatim Village School Update

As many of you know, our organization first began after our founding members traveled into the heart of Ghana and stumbled upon a rickety, old structure that 120 students called a “school.” Constructed of a few planks of wood, some thin poles that looked like we could break with our hands, and a tin roof that left gaping holes, the safety of the students was always a concern and played a key role in our decision to undertake providing new classrooms in Akatim as our inaugural project. Recently we learned that our fears were justified as Olivia, our Country Representative, informed us that two of the classrooms located in the old structure, which had been constructed long before the arrival of The Senase Project, had come crashing down during a rainstorm. Our immediate concerns were towards the students and teachers, however we have been officially notified that no one was injured in this accident. We continue to thank our lucky stars, and we ask that you do the same as well.

We, The Senase Project, are not taking this event lightly and are working quickly to effectively minimize the damage and control future risks to ensure the safety of the students and teachers. After hearing from both the teachers in Akatim and Ghana Education Services, as well as working directly with Olivia Benneh (Country Representative), we have created a plan of action that is well underway. The students who were in the two classrooms that were damaged will now combine with other classes in the sheltered school building. We realize that the students will all be at different levels of their education, however we strongly feel that the safety of the students trumps everything else. During this time, we are also working with our contractor in the village to expedite the roofing and have been assured that it will be finished in the next two weeks. Once completed, all three classes from the old structure will move into the new building, even though it will not be 100% constructed at the time (it will only lack final coats of cement, paint, windows, and doors so the safety of the structure itself is not a concern). Olivia Benneh has made the commitment to remain in Senase and Akatim in an effort to oversee every aspect of these operations. The students begin summer break shortly after the expected completion of the roof, at which time our organization will have the opportunity to complete the final three classrooms for the upcoming school year. With that being said, we still need your support. If you’d like to donate directly to the Akatim Village School, you can do so by clicking here. Remember, all donations are tax exempt due to our 501c3 status.

This event helps to shed light on the scary reality that the people of Akatim and Senase live with on a daily basis. Our organization is fully committed to providing the students and teachers with a safe environment.