Crowdfunding Virgins

Here at The Senase Project, we’re used to trying new things. We’re always open to new ideas and over the past few months several people have suggested popular crowdfunding sites to help finish the Akatim Village School. I’m here to say that we have heard you loud and clear and have officially launched our very first campaign via UFunded! With that being said, we are all crowdfunding virgins so we need YOU to help make this a success!

Here’s the breakdown of it:

1. Our goal is to raise $7,000 — this money goes directly towards the project. We have purchased sheet metal for roofing material, but we still need hundreds of bags of cement, paint, doors, windows, and more to officially complete the school inside and out.

2. Here’s the link:

3. UFunded works through college and university networks. When you pledge, you associate yourself with your school (alma matter or current) which then triggers other alumni of that university to check out our page.

4. What’s the incentive? Brand new TSP gear that’s not even out on a company store yet! $25 gets you a newly designed t-shirt and $50 gets you a sweatshirt! What’s better than being rewarded with awesome gear for your contribution?! Designs can be found on our campaign page.

5. Once you pledge, promote. Share on Facebook, twitter, your school’s fan page, alumni networks — anything! The more awareness we can get the better. Maybe people haven’t heard of us and are tentative. Well if that’s the case then just refer them to our exposure page to see our most recent publications!

6. Here’s the catch — UFunded only funds the project once we reach our goal of $7,000. If we don’t reach it, then your pledges will NOT be deducted from your accounts and received by our organization, which then means we won’t be able to distribute any rewards (and trust me, we’re SO excited to give away TSP gear!) — so  all the more reason to promote and tell your friends about it!


This new campaign has brought a lot of excitement to the TSP community! We have plans to create a sustainable learning conducive environment at the Akatim Village School that involves the District Ministry of Education, Parent Teachers Association, and the teachers of the school, but we can’t implement any of these changes unless they have a completed school! Let’s come together and make a difference that will last a lifetime.


Chris Toone, CEO & Co-Founder