Donor Spotlight: Jeremy Meindl

By December 19, 2017Blog & News
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Here at The Senase Project…

we operate under the notion of Ubuntu. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this term, it simply translates to “I am, because you are.” We all need each other to survive. I can only be my best with your help, and The Senase Project can only succeed in our mission with the help and support of our donors. It is for this reason and more that we’d like to introduce you to a very inspirational donor, Jeremy Meindl.


Jeremy was originally born and raised in Buffalo, NY before moving to Vancouver to pursue a career in digital technology. Years later, Jeremy has found his way back to the city of Buffalo where he resides with his family. Today, Mr. Meindl is a dedicated and ambitious member of the digital community. He consults pro-bono for local schools and education initiatives concerned with digital integrity and data security.


When asked why he chose to support The Senase Project, Jeremy feels his young children motivated his donation. Both under the age of ten, the Meindl children have a love of learning and a passion for life encouraged by their father. Understanding the connection between healthy minds and healthy bodies, Jeremy’s donation was intended to directly fund The Senase Project’s current sanitation project in Akatim.

Sanitation in Ghana is at crisis point, and 4000 children die annually from diarrhea, while 23% of Ghanaian children suffer from chronic malnutrition as a result of poor sanitary conditions. Simple changes such as handwashing can reduce these cases by up to 50%, though less than 15% of Ghanaian households currently have basic hand washing facilities.

Thank you for your generosity, Jeremy. Your passion for making the world a better place helps bring out the best in the rest of us.


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