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By November 19, 2018Blog & News
Students of the Akatim Village School - The Senase Project

it’s something we’re all familiar with. We know it makes us feel good and that we have power to make a difference. But with so much need in our world today, it can be hard to know just where to start. Who or what needs our help and care most? The answer to that question is sure to be different for each of us; after all, our hearts have different passions and our concerns stem from differing experiences. I can vividly recall one particular experience of my own that changed my worldview forever.

It was my first time in Ghana and one of the Akatim teachers was driving us around to visit students’ homes. We bumped along the winding dirt paths in the motorized tricycle, going deeper and deeper into the brush until, to my surprise, a house emerged. My first thought was, “Wow, the students who live here are so dedicated to walk such a long way to and from school each day.” The next thing I discovered was that this was actually the home of the student my family and I sponsor, although it wasn’t the home in which he was raised. You see, he and his siblings were taken in by the family who lived there when both of their parents passed away. The family generously took them in even though they themselves were struggling to make ends meet and didn’t have space for these children in the main house. Instead, the three siblings were sleeping in a small shed with a torn tarp for a roof. In the rainy season, the wind and rain were merciless, not caring that these children went to school each day and then worked on their parents’ farm in an effort to support themselves; not caring that all these children needed was a warm, dry place where they could get appropriate rest after a long, laborious day. I couldn’t help but imagine my own children in that situation, and it broke my heart. Fortunately, shortly thereafter we collected funds from donors in the U.S. (donors like you!) to build a proper roof on the shed.

It was this experience that made me realize the tremendous impact The Senase Project has on the lives of those in this tiny village in Ghana. The donations we collect from friends, family, colleagues, and strangers allow the children in Akatim to receive the education they deserve; to receive food, clothing, and appropriate shelter; to improve health and hygiene through the building of restrooms and implementation of programs. The Senase Project has a very special place in my heart, and I’m hoping you might find a place for it in yours, too.

As we approach Giving Tuesday, mark your calendars, share with your friends, and let’s come together on November 27th to change the lives of others. This year, all proceeds will go towards breaking ground on teacher accommodations at the Akatim Village School, empowering the faculty to continue to help students eradicate poverty through education.

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