September 2018 Trip Report

By October 19, 2018Blog & News

Want the latest on all things TSP? Here are the top 3 highlights from our trip in September!

1. Commissioning New Washrooms

For the past year, our team of volunteers has been working vigorously towards opening new restrooms at the Akatim Village School. We were presented with several challenges along the way, including finding the right infrastructure for an isolated environment like Akatim and bridging cultural differences to create a successful curriculum. On September 12th, everything came together and the washrooms were officially commissioned! Standing alongside of the local Government, teachers, and surrounding community, we couldn’t help but notice the excitement in the air. The ribbon was cut together, a symbol of working as one for the greater good of all. It quickly become clear just how much these eight tiny stalls meant to the village. Hearing the giggles as the students learned to wash their hands, watching their faces light up as they take a look inside the stalls, it made all of the struggles along the way worth it and we have you, our donors, to thank for making our vision into a reality.

2. Distributing 100+ Solar Lanterns

Thanks to our partners at SoLight Designs, we were able to distribute another 120 solar lanterns into the Akatim community. Although electrical lines now reach the school buildings, houses are not wired for electricity as many families don’t have the proper infrastructure or money. By the time that students walk home, help their families in the fields, and have dinner, it’s already dark. This hinders their ability to study and complete assignments, and forces them to come to school unprepared. These solar lanterns will give the students the ability to study after dark, ultimately leading to more academic success. We wish to express our deepest gratitude to SoLight for making this possible!

3. Recommitting to Accountability and Consistency

Part the reason that our organization is so unique is the fact that we have chosen to keep the Akatim Village School a public institution that continues to be run by the Government. We don’t pay the teachers. We don’t have jurisdiction over day-to-day happenings at the school. We believe that by working together (Government, TSP, school staff, community), we can create a sustainable and successful model of what a public school in Ghana should look like. As we look back on the successes we have had in the past, it is clear that it has come from consistently holding all parties accountable, including ourselves. That’s why we made it a point to sit down with the Director of the local Ghana Education Services in order to have an open forum on Akatim’s future. The consensus was that a commitment to consistency needs to be made, starting with the role of the Headmaster. In return, our organization will create new accountability best practices in order to ensure success through collaboration. We look forward to what the future holds and hope that one day we may be able to take the model from Akatim and implement it at schools all around Ghana!

– Chris

CEO, Co-Founder

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