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By November 2, 2017Blog & News
Hello, goodbye…

Earlier this month, The Senase Project was notified of a Headmaster change at the Akatim Village School. Ghana Education Services requested the transfer of Mr. Joseph Nyarko out of the village and closer to Berekum. He now serves as the Headmaster BESS M/A Basic School in Berekum. We would like to greatly thank Mr. Nyarko for an incredible year during his time in Akatim. Although he had just begun working with us here at TSP, he made a profound impact not only on the students in Ghana, but our entire team as well. His dedication and passion goes unmatched and his drive to help others is something that inspires us all each and every day.

In addition, Mary Kyeraa, a longtime teacher in the village of Akatim, was also transferred to the BESS M/A Basic School in Berekum. Mary grew up around Akatim and has dedicated her career to helping the same community bring themselves out of poverty through education. Her passion for teaching is contagious and although we are very sad to see her go, we are also grateful that she gets to spread her talent and love to other students.

Mary and Mr. Nyarko – thank you for everything and we cannot wait to work with both of you again in the future!

At this time, we would like to introduce you to the new Headmaster of the Akatim Village School, Mr. Isaac Amenu. Mr. Amenu was born in Berekum and has always dreamt of becoming a teacher. He says that it is a dream come true to be able to provide quality education to any pupil that wants to learn, regardless of gender, race, religion, or money. Everyone and anyone who wants to learn, Mr. Amenu is eager to teach them.

Isaac attended the University of Education in 2012 after his completion of Atetebu Teaching College in 2009. From there he was then appointed as Headmaster of Diabaa D/A JHS from 2012-2015, before transferring to Berekum to be an ICT/Science teacher at Kato Presbyterian A Basic School. That was his last stop before being named Headmaster of the Akatim Village School.

Several aspects of this new assignment excite Mr. Amenu. For instance, he’s eager to continue Akatim’s longstanding relationship with The Senase Project. In addition, the students’ dedication to gaining knowledge is something that fuels his fire. He’s greatly impressed with the distances that they all must travel to the school, yet they come ready to learn each and every morning. Finally, Mr. Amenu cites that the peak of his excitement stems from the teachers’ commitment and punctuality to reach and teach the pupils after traveling for 30min on motorbikes down dirt roads.

We greatly look forward to continue working with Mr. Amenu and we know that great things are in store for both TSP and the Akatim Village School as we all unite to eradicate poverty through community development.

Ubuntu; I am, because WE are.

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