Meet the Kids Monday – Nowame Baanebe

By January 13, 2014Meet the Kids


Happy Meet the Kids Monday! Today we want to introduce you to Nowame Baanebe. Nowame is 14 years old, and is at Junior High School Grade 1 at Akatim Village School. Nowame’s favorite foods are Banku, a local meal made from corn and cassava dough, and okro soup. Her favorite animal is her pet dog, Joy and she has three brothers and three sisters in her family. When Nowame was asked about The Senase Project, she exclaimed “I was very amazed when Fred [Ghanian Representative] first brought The Senase Project Volunteers into ourschool. I thought when they left that was all but they keep coming and help us in so many ways which makes me very happy. THANK YOU TSP!”. Nowame was also asked what education meant to her, to which she responded “It is good to have an education so that you are able to read and write.” This is very important to her as she hopes to grow up to be a doctor and help the people of her village.

Learn more about Nowame’s classmates in next week’s ‘Meet the Kids’ installment, when we will be proudly introducing sixteen year old Grace Serwaa!

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