Kindergarten Transportation

A program through The Senase Project and the Akatim Village School in Akatim, Ghana.


The power of a motorized tricycle.

Akatim is a small farming village that sits in the western side of Central Ghana towards the border with the Ivory Coast. It was settled by people coming from the north, looking for work. As a result, the village itself is very sporadic, meaning that houses and tiny sub-villages are often separated by miles, only accessible down dirt roadsFor many students, it was over a three-mile trek (over two hours for most) to and from school, often in inadequate footwear. Dirt roads full of speeding farming vehicles made the journey dangerous for little ones. Thanks to generous donations from our supporters, things are different now.



The motorized tricycle was funded through a GoFundMe campaign where individual donors contributed to the cost of its purchase. It’s ready for any road conditions and safe for the kids!


The PTA and Akatim community have generously offered to cover fuel expenses for the tricycle indefinitely.


Johnson Damoah, one of our teachers and PTA members picks the students up every morning and drives them home at the end of the school day.

The Senase Project is a 501 (c)(3) organization, and our finances are available for download on our reports page. Our relationship with Archbishop Desmond Tutu helped get us off the ground, and in 2014 Forbes blog recognized us as a top small-nonprofit. Since then, we’ve seen incredible success. We’re 100% volunteer-based, and that means all of our donations go toward the people and projects that need them most. We are The Senase Project, working to eradicate poverty through community development.