Uniformed Hope

A program through The Senase Project and the Akatim Village School in Akatim, Ghana.


Enhancing education by empowering students.

Unformed Hope is a united belief of our global community and the importance of every member within it. Together, we can bring these students a school, remind them of their global community that surrounds them and show them the true meaning that we are all together.

During our first time in Akatim, we walked home with the students and saw several children peeking out around corners at us who were not attending school because they could not physically walk the distance to the school or because they did not have a uniform. The goal of Uniformed Hope was to provide every student in Akatim with a uniform so that all of the children can attend school and take pride in their education.

Funds Raised
Uniforms Distributed


Erin Mullarkey
Carrie Truesdell
Brian Peyton
Bernadette Finkelstein
Cecily Carson
Courtney BrownLiz Nagaki
Brielle Clontz
Blair Smith

Melissa Peters
Jim Connah
Rebecca Rowland
Clara and Lou Sartori
Ernie and Ruth Panaia
Carla and Michael Stein
Tom and Trish Koffel
Western Kentucky University

Surplus from this project went directly to upkeep for the Akatim Village School. The Senase Project is a 501 (c)(3) organization, and our finances are available for download on our reports page. Our relationship with Archbishop Desmond Tutu helped get us off the ground, and in 2014 Forbes blog recognized us as a top small-nonprofit. Since then, we’ve seen incredible success. We’re 100% volunteer-based, and that means all of our donations go toward the people and projects that need them most. We are The Senase Project, working to eradicate poverty through community development.