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Senase is located in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana, West Africa.

Ghana is neighbored by the countries of Cote d’Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso to the north, and Togo to the East. The capital city of Ghana is Accra. Ghana is roughly the size of the state of Oregon, and the official spoken language is English. There are over 50 ethnic African groups, each with languages and customs unique to their history.

Senase, Ghana is a small rural farming village in West Africa. It is a ten hour drive from the port city Tema, Accra. Located in the Brong Ahafo region, this area is known for its large cocoa production and agricultural industries. The population of Senase, Ghana is 11,000, and children represent just under half that number. The average income per household is 300-400 Cedis, the equivalent of about $120.00 USD per year. Most of the people who live in Senase are farmers and go to work each day just to feed their families.

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Geography and points of interest.

West Africa is the portion roughly west of 10° east longitude, excluding Northern Africa and the Maghreb. West Africa contains large portions of the Sahara Desert and the Adamawa Mountains, and is also the region in which Ghana is located. Senase is located in the Brong-Ahafo region, which contains many Akan cultural and wildlife tourism attractions, but it is less known to tourists than the popular Ashanti or Central regions of Ghana. Major attractions of Brong-Ahafo include the Kintampo waterfalls and nature reserves, and Fiema, home of the Boabeng monkey sanctuary. Brong-Ahafo also boasts Bui National Park and Digya National Park.

Ghana can be divided into ten main regions, each with it’s own regional capital:

Greater Accra Region

Brong Ahafo Region

Central Region
Cape Coast

Upper East Region

Eastern Region

Upper West Region

Western Region
Sekondi, Takoradi

Northern Region

Ashanti Region

Volta Region


Ghana is known for its incredible hospitality, and friendly people.

Ghana is known as the safest and friendliest country in Africa for international travelers. The national currency is the Ghana Cedi. Ghanaians are highly respectful of one another, strong followers of tradition and have deep family values and traditions.

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