Senase Medical Clinic Update – August 2015

By August 31, 2015Senase Medical Clinic

The Senase Project is happy to announce the purchasing of key equipment for the Health Center in Senase, Ghana, thanks to two major donations. Both Campbell University’s School of Osteopathic Medicine (the Global Medicine Club, to be exact) as well as the Ithaca Athletic Training Students’ Association (led by Jim Quist of Ithaca College) spearheaded fundraisers that brought in a total of $551.00 (bringing our total funds raised for the Health Clinic to $651.00).

August Supply Purchase

Last week, Ghana Health Services, under the direction of George Owusu Hinneh, the Financial Director for the Berekum District, purchased several important supplies for the clinic including a water tank to store clean water at the site, an IV stand to be able to administer the treatment, and a set of delivery instruments for the maternity ward. 

Hand Sanitizer

One box

Weighing Scale

One standing, a second with height apparatus

Blood Pressure Apparatus
Examination Gloves

One box

Bed Sheets

For outpatient beds

Hand Towels

With container

Gauze & Cotton

One box each for acute trauma

Our Partnership with Ghana Health Services

We are proud to continue our long standing partnership with Ghana Health Services in Berekum and look forward to continuing to able to support them in such a capacity that it allows the clinic to function and grow on it’s own, ultimately becoming self-sustaining while offering the best possible healthcare to the people of Senase.

“On behalf of the Director of GHS (Ghana Health Services) as well as the entire management team, Senase Health Clinic Health Committee and staff, we wish to express our profound gratitude to you and your team [The Senase Project]. We promise to put all of the donated equipment to good use to serve the purpose for which it was sent.”

– George Owusu Hinneh, Financial Director, Ghana Health Services (Berekum)

What you can do

Want to donate to the clinic and make a direct impact? Here’s a list of items that still must be purchased, or you can see the full list on our project page. Now is your chance to make an impact in a community that needs your help! Please donate now, and if you would like your donation to go to a specific item, be sure to contact us here so we are able to facilitate your wishes.

  • Eye Chart
  • Refrigerator (vaccines & medicine)
  • Suture Sets (2)
  • Patient Trolley (1)
  • Delivery Bed (2)

Thank you to both Campbell University’s School of Osteopathic Medicine and Ithaca Athletic Training Students’ Association as well as all of our donors and supporters for making these projects possible.

Ubuntu; I am, because we are.

Chris Toone
Co-Founder & CEO
The Senase Project

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