Sponsor a Student – Ghana

When we talk about “sponsoring a student,” we’re not just talking about a monthly donation. This is where students and sponsors connect in a meaningful way to experience the enabling, life-changing impact of taking a student by the hand and telling them there is hope for the future.

Because of your generosity, we’ve been able to achieve incredible results and help advocate, enable, and change the lives of students in Ghana. Monthly payments are paid and processed through PayPal. This lets us guarantee that your customer information will be handled securely.


Once you’ve submitted our sponsorship form, it gets sent to our Sponsor a Student Coordinator. She gets things organized, that’s why we like her so much.
She’ll get in touch and confirm your sponsorship, be prepared to hear a big ‘thank you’.
Sit back and wait for your sponsorship packet to arrive in the mail. This is where you’ll get a full bio and picture, as well as some info on the program.
Build a lasting relationship with your student. Wake up with a smile every morning knowing you’re giving hope to a deserving student halfway around the world.

Please select a student you wish to sponsor, then follow the instructions on PayPal. Thank you!

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